Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just how much paint do I have to strip?

Does the amount of paint on a radiator significantly affect its efficiency? It seemed that for a while everything I read said that paint negatively affected it, but now people don't seem to be so sure. This can't be too hard to test, can it?


Ranty said...

Are they steam or hot water? If they're steam and you can easily disconnect them and roll them (with a handtruck) outside, it's really not too hard to sandblast them. You don't have to get every last scrap of paint off (unless you want them natural and are not planning to re-paint,) you just want to remove everything that's chipping/peeling, etc, so you get a smooth surface for repainting.

At least that's my amateur DIY-er perspective. :-)

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

They're hot water.

They all have covers, so I'm not that concerned about aesthetics - it's just that with the heating a huge space like that, I want to squeeze every last bit of efficiency possible out of the system.