Monday, November 17, 2008

Another house we didn't buy

Copper lantern

Ages ago, I talked about a house with all sorts of beautiful pink and purple tile. The house, for the record, is 3170 Ludlow, Shaker Heights, OH. It is currently priced at $125,000, $100,000 below the value assessed by the county. I just wanted to share a few photos of the great interior.

Built in cabinets and tile, kitchen
Built-in cabinets and tile in the kitchen.

Vent hood over stove
Tile hood over the stove.

Breakfast nook
The tile continues into the breakfast nook. The tile, for the record, is yellow and green - the walls are pink. I'm still not so good with the white balance.

Purple and green tile bathroom
The first floor bathroom is where the fun really starts.

Purple and green tile bathroom
A detail.

Pink and green tile bathroom
There are two bathrooms on the second floor, both with pink and green tile.

Pink and green tile bathroom
While the wallpaper in both of them could surely go, the rest of the space is quite nice, I think.

The most surprising part of all this is that the exterior of the house doesn't hint at the interior at all - on the outside, it looks like your basic late 20s brick Tudor Revival. It does take a certain sort of person for this house - either you love it or you hate it - I think we can all guess which category I fall into.

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