Sunday, November 16, 2008

A curious way to finish the tile

Tile, master bathroom

Nice border tile

The tile in the master bathroom is primarily 6x6 and white, with the exception of this lovely little border near the top. The curious, and slightly awkward part is the way it finishes at the ceiling, as shown here. I have to wonder if this looked slightly better before the spiky plaster was added to the ceiling.


Jason said...

Maybe the ceiling is dropped and you secretly have another 18" of tile butting up to an original tin ceiling! (I keep waiting for things like that to happen in my house. They never seem to.)

Glad to hear about your trip to ReStore! I agree - very hit or miss. We've probably been to ours two dozen times since June, but I think we've only bought four or five things total. I'm headed there again this afternoon to look for a vintage brass doorknob and plate (to finish off ReStore ReScore #3).

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Jason - Perhaps we do, and perhaps it's covered with mirrors, like the first floor bathroom. I hate hate hate the spiky plaster, so at some point in the future, I'll be able to investigate this. I'd like to install a ventillation fan, so that may be the excuse I need for the ceiling hole cutting.

Ooooooh - I was under the impression that every time you went to the ReStore great things just jumped into your hands. As for hardware, I've got a really great source around here that deals primarily in salvage stuff. Door knobs are $10-15 a pair.