Monday, November 17, 2008

Free carpet, barely used!


We will probably (and I say probably because there's always the chance that the floor underneath the carpet is in awful condition) be getting rid of this carpet shortly after we move in. This probably means in the next couple weeks, or, at the most, by the end of the year.

The carpet appears to be relatively new, within the past couple years, and is massive - the living room measures 24 x 14. With the cut-out for the fireplace, you'd still have at least 22 x 14.

The freeness of this correlates to the amount of work that you make me do - the more work I have to do, the less free it will probably be. Additionally, I make no promises right now as to being able to give up the carpet, as I've stated above. Still, I thought it might be easier to say something now than to have to lug the carpet up to the attic to store while we wait for someone to pick it up.


Jason said...

I wanted to tear up the carpet in our living room and office immediately after moving in, but my wife, the voice of reason, pointed out that our daughter would be crawling and walking soon. Some carpet, she argued, might be nice for a couple years. Josie often wanders over to the hardwood floors in the family room/parlor and dining room, but I'm glad we have two rooms of soft carpet.

None of that means, of course, that I'm not anxious to get at the maple underneath as soon as I can. I pulled up a corner, and no surprise, it's the same floor as the rest of the house.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...


Ahh, the voice of reason - I'm afraid to think what crazy things we might cook up if we didn't have them around. I'd probably end up with a lot of Bauhaus inspired furniture, with lots of sharp edges and corners for the kids to smash their heads into.

I'm also really interested in getting the carpet out of the bedrooms, but I doubt that anyone will be interested in the carpet in, say, this room. I occasionally find posts on people's houseblogs where they offered stuff up for free and no one took it, so it eventually went in the trash. With this in mind, I thought I'd provide some advance notice.

Jenny Kerr said...

With that carpet there in the link all you need is a silver Christmas tree and a polyester pants suit for the mrs. It was probably all the rage in it's day... just like my ugly walls in the downstairs bathroom... the mud hut wall had to be in fashion at some point right?

Christopher Busta-Peck said...


I'm reasonably sure that the carpet was installed recently as a pre-sale effort.

While I can see a certain aesthetic where such carpet would look good, said aesthetic does not tend to work well when you have children and the dirt, grime, and mess than tends to accompany them. It also doesn't work when you have adult Christophers and the dirt, grime and mess that tends to accompany them.

Jenny Kerr said...

oh my, it looked like 50's pink to me!

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Ooooh! "In the link", you said. If I bothered to read anything I might make responses that made sense. Doh. I do have a brain, I swear.

The pink, I think, looked better when it was new and maroon, 30+ years ago. It's just so faded now.

Jenny Kerr said...

hehe No, the other carpet (beige or cream it looks like) looks fine to me from the pic.