Thursday, November 13, 2008

Almost there

Front porch light

Homeowner's insurance has been obtained, and at much more reasonable rates than we had previously been quoted. Now it's just a matter of the insurer contacting the bank and the bank contacting the title company and the title company contacting us.

There isn't any chance that we could close, say, after work tomorrow, is there? Or on Saturday?

I guess we will find out tomorrow, when I contact them.


Jason said...

Shaker Heights is such a great neighborhood - I interviewed for a job with Cleveland State last year, and that's where we would have looked for a house (I ended up not getting an offer, but would have turned it down if I had, but that's a much longer story!)

Good luck with closing!

Christopher Busta-Peck said...



That is the challenge with the Cleveland area - lots of great neighborhoods, cultural institutions, and affordable homes - if you can find a job.

There are a lot of really great houses available in Shaker Heights right now, for the person who can do some major work. There are even plenty of nice ones that don't need a ton of work (though I'm not looking forward to getting estimates for the roof). Though Shaker Heights is perhaps better known for its more expensive homes, many are quite affordable - my wife and I are buying this house on one income - a librarian's income.