Friday, March 27, 2009

My wife is the best!

Grand stove, model 850

We're thrilled to bits with our new stove, a Grand model 850 from sometime between 1945 and 1952. You've read enough about this, surely. In my search for more information about Grand stoves and the Cleveland Co-Operative Stove Co., I came across the stove below on Craigslist, locally, for $100.


This stove is similar in many respects to ours: the burner assemblies and grates are the same, as are the knobs; perhaps even the clock is the same, though I cannot be sure of this. Of greater interest are the doors, which appear to be identical, with the exception of the oven door, which has a window. A window for our oven would be nice. I'd have to get around to finding a replacement lightbulb for the oven for it to be useful, but that is a small issue.

Back to the title of this entry. Now, if I were a single man, or had a less strong-willed wife, I would have waited a while longer and attempted to purchase this stove for parts. I would have swapped out the oven door with the existing one on our stove. As it is, A. is a wonderful wife and gave me the Look of Doom™ when I suggested that we purchase it.

If not for her, I would quickly fill this house (or any other house, regardless of size) with mostly useless junk. I appreciate her ongoing struggle in this matter.


Jayne said...

I really like that stove. Things were made with so much more detail then, weren't they? I wondered what the stove had to do with your wife being the best, and I laughed when it all came together towards the end of your post. Lucky you, to have such a happy marriage. :)

Di said...

Oh, you have one of those spouses too, huh? :) While it's sometimes frustrating that he doesn't let me buy every antique (i.e. project) that I want, he does a great job of keeping me grounded. Without him, I'd end up with a house full of partially finished pieces of furniture, on top of all our renovations. Still, he was kind enough to let me get my vintage Chambers stove and a few other works-in-progress. It's nice to have someone to keep your grounded in reality when all you can see are the possibilities!

AJ said...

I just found an identical stove on craigslist and purchased this beauty of a stove. Before i could revel in my great find, while loading the stove, we broke a knob for the burner. They must be porcelin, not plastic as new materials are today. Does anyone have an idea where i might find parts for this stove?

OneOldGoat said...

I also would be interested in where to purchase parts. Unfortunately, both my husband and I are often blinded the beauty of antique things - and don't consider the expense of rebuilding them!

That stove is gorgeous! And a delightful post!