Friday, March 6, 2009

Bathroom naming contest!*

There are two bathrooms on the second floor of my house. One is slightly larger than the other. It is attached to the master bedroom - thus, it is the master bathroom. Simple enough.

The question is as to what to call the other bathroom.

"Non-master bathroom" sounds too awkward. Some other options are, um, uncomfortable. "The other bathroom" might work, in some houses, in other parts of the country. In Cleveland, however, we were able to purchase this house with a whopping three and a half baths for less than the current median national home sales price. There's a half bath on the first floor, and a bathroom in the attic. The half bath, when greater description is needed, is referred to as the "mirror bathroom". The third floor bathroom is rarely mentioned. There's also a toilet in the basement, which I'll install a sink for, someday.

The two second floor bathrooms are chromatically similar - both are tiled in white. There are few defining differences, at least over the long term. For now, they're "the bathroom with the toilet" and "the bathroom with the sink".

I welcome any suggestions that will allow me to address this bathroom more succinctly on these pages.

* There are no prizes in this contest. All entries are subject to arbitrary and biased judging. Any and all entries may be ignored, disregarded, or appropriated a couple months later, once I've forgotten that you were the one who made them.


NP said...

We usually refer to the other bathroom (the one that isn't a master bath) as the main bathroom, or the family bathroom. If there's a third one, we usually refer to it as the guest bathroom. Main floor washroom is referred to as the powder room.

In our place, we have 5 bathrooms, with only 1 working right now. There's the future master bathroom, the main floor powder room, the school house girls bathroom, the school house boys bathroom, and the family bathroom (currently best described as the demolished bathroom).

Our naming dilema is with our two second floor sunrooms. One is off the den, one is off the hall. We have yet to come up with good names for them.

Good luck!

artemis said...

We had the same number/configuration in the farmhouse I grew up in. We called them: the third floor bathroom, the master bathroom (or "Mom and Dad's bathroom"), the hall bathroom (second floor full bath), and the front hall bathroom (the half bath, which happened to be in the front hall). I think we originally called the hall bathroom the upstairs bathroom, but that got confusing quickly for obvious reasons.

Sadly, we don't have this problem now, with one little bathroom in our little bungalow....someday!

Mary Beth said...

What about just calling it "the upstairs bath"? You've already distinguished "the master bath". Once E. gets older and is joined by hypothetical siblings, it could be "the kids bath".

The house I grew up in had:
- "the downstairs bath" (3/4 bath on 1st floor, combined with laundry.)
- "the upstairs bath", sometimes called "the blue bathroom" (full bath, shared by two siblings with nearby bedrooms)
- "the master bath" (obvious)
- "basement bath" (3/4 bath in the basement, shared by 2-3 siblings with bedrooms in the finished basement)

Jennylou's Projects said...

How about the hall bathroom?

Half bath or powder room for the half.

I'd call the third floor bathroom the 3rd floor bathroom.

Why S? said...

Loo #2.