Friday, March 6, 2009

My brilliant neighbor

My neighbor's house

I've always liked wood shake roofs. The problem with them is that they cost about as much as slate, yet have the lifespan closer to that of asphalt shingles. They do, however, look stunning, especially when crafted to look like thatch.

My next door neighbor (or perhaps his contractor) had an idea that I wish I could take credit for. If it's ok to paint wood shingles on the walls of your house, why not paint the wood shingles on the roof? (I don't think he chose the best color, but that's another matter.) While the visual effect isn't quite the same as the unpainted shingles, I think it's a better compromise than ripping them off and replacing with asphalt. With regular painting, I assume that they will last as long as any other exterior wood.

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