Saturday, January 24, 2009

We now have a boring flush-mounted shower light!

Shower, master bath, with new light fixture

One of the code violations that the city required us to fix was the bare bulb fixture in the shower. I removed the fixture and replaced it with a flush mounted one, as per code. We had planned to replace it, just like we had planned to replace the Electrical Socket of Death™. However, once we had removed the fixture, we saw its charms and wanted to reconsider its removal. By that point, the entire ceiling in the shower had been removed and the light fixture removed, so I decided to just install the damn can on the ceiling.

The first can that I had purchased, the one with the better looking piece of glass, of course did not fit in the space, due to vertical clearance issues. While the idea of notching a load-bearing joist was quite tempting (half the width of the joist isn't too much, is it?), I decided to find another fixture. The replacement fixture was smaller, in addition to being shorter. It's not quite as nice as the first one we found, but it's a lot less ugly than many of them (no polished chrome trim rings!) and it does the job. Further, to get something that looked slightly better, I'd have had to pay at least five times as much and special order the part. While I'm not completely satisfied with the look of the glass in the fixture, that should be simple enough to replace if I really want to, in the future.

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