Monday, January 12, 2009

The massive mountain and the pitiful little minivan

The modest hill that kept my minivan on the street

My 2000 Plymouth Voyager has been a reliable mode of transport for years. It has allowed my wife and I to get stuck in snow in the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming, it has navigated 4WD high-clearance roads in Utah, and more. But, on Saturday afternoon, it was unable to conquer my driveway.

The library closed early due to excessive snow, and I got home at about 1:20. By that time, there was about a foot of snow on the ground. I tried to pull my minivan in the shared driveway, without any luck. After a couple tries, I thought I'd go around the block and get a bit of a running start, hoping the momentum would help. It didn't. I parked off the street and went in the house to grab my camera and later, my shovel. During that time, the plow showed up!

I'm not sure who this plow guy is. Perhaps the neighbor with whom we share a driveway is contracting him. Perhaps the previous owner had contracted with him. He's definitely a smaller outfit, maybe even someone in the neighborhood - just a guy in a soft-top Jeep with a plow on the front. Anyway, after the driveway was plowed, I was able to get the minivan back in the driveway. Yay.


Jason said...

Whatever you do, don't jinx your luck by asking him! If it were me with a fairy drivewaymother, I'd just smile and wave and hope that he has a lawnmower too.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...


A fairy drivewaymother? What an excellent way to put it!