Monday, January 26, 2009

Light switches and electrical outlets

Virtually all of the electrical outlets and perhaps half of the light switches in my house are original. I find it curious that while the 1920s light switches all still have excellent action, virtually all of the outlets are so worn that a plug will barely sit in them. Did someone underspec the electrical outlets when the house was built? I can't imagine that many switchless items were used, and anyway, the deterioration of the outlets is too consistent - even those in underused areas don't want to hold a plug. Are electrical plugs thinner today than they used to be?

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Brian said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! and congrats on the new addition to the family!! I live on Stockholm in Shaker and a prospective renter found your pictures of 23550 Fairmount on Flickr. I bought the house about a month ago and I am doing some interior renovation work. Thanks for the Summertime Photos. I only had photos with no trees. Would you like to see inside? There is not much original detail left on the interior but it is, as you say, "a country house in the city" which is what appealed to me as it did you. It is actually on 1/2 acre, the county records only have 1 lot but it actually 2 lots for a total frontage of 150' x 160' deep.

Also, your mysterious front porch window to nowhere is likely the old coal chute and coal storage room. The angled interior sill is a give away on it. The sump came later. I am guessing that it is close to where the original furnace was... you can reach me at