Friday, January 16, 2009

Not quite what I had expected

Roof, front

From the ground, the bit of wrought iron between the chimney and the roof seems appears quite ornamental and of relatively light weight. This appears, on further inspection to be entirely because of the distance from the viewer.

Southeast corner of the attic

This is where the wrought iron bolts in place in the attic. Note the diameter of the iron. Massive. I doubt that it does much to hold the chimney in place, but it's still a couple hundred pounds of iron, I would imagine. The water stains in the photograph are all dry, and of unknown age.

Southeast corner of the attic

This is just a wide angle shot of the same, for comparison.

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Kurt said...

That chimney stay does a lot more than you would imagine. It's vital on such a large stack. I have a client who lost a chimney because one of the stays was removed long ago. It fell over in a violent wind storm.