Monday, October 27, 2008

Two bay windows

West (driveway) side

This bay window is on the driveway side of the house. It is theoretically a breakfast nook, though there really isn't space in the kitchen for the table that that would entail. It has a box gutter, lined with copper, which has been painted brown. The flashing, likewise, is copper, and has been painted brown. It should look even more lovely once the paint is removed.

Bay window gutter detail

Note the curious manner in which the gutter attaches to the downspout. I'm not sure how this might have been installed originally. The downspout is definitely a later replacement, of aluminum.

Living room window

This bay window is on the front of the house, on the living room. I suspect that the roof may have been copper, originally. The gutter was hand-fabricated to fit the form of the curve. It has taken a bit of a beating (see detail, below), however, it still does its job well. The downspouts are clearly later replacements - I suspect that the originals had a bit of a return on them, though I have been unable to locate mounting locations for them.

Living room gutter (detail)

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