Monday, October 20, 2008

Moving forward

The seller of the House of Our Dreams ™ has accepted our offer. We close a month from today. Now we just have to go through all the paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork.

This will change the direction I take this blog in, as said house is almost exactly what we want, and won't require a ton of work to make it habitable. There will be lots of little things, though, like trying to find the right white tile to replace the couple missing from the bathroom, slate repair, working on steel casement windows, and more.

It will also provide me the opportunity to showcase all the great houses we looked at but decided not to buy.


Kurt said...

Congratulations on finding your dream home.
I can't wait to see some pictures of the place!

Will you give me a chance to bid on your slate repairs?

Christopher Busta-Peck said...


I don't think that there's enough work to make it worth your while (or for me to be able to afford the cost of your commute).

The issues are as follows:
A couple loose and missing slates on the front of the house, as well as some poorly chosen replacements, and a gutter that needs to be reattached.
A missing slate and some flashing that probably should be replaced.
Several poorly chosen replacement slates, some of which are loose, as well as some missing slates.
Finally, I'm concerned about the condition of the mortar in the chimney. While I can probably deal with the mortar issues on the first and second floors myself, I just don't feel comfortable working at that height. Here's a photograph of the other side of the chimney.

I'd also like to see about getting some sort of small addition to the roof built to divert the water coming off the roof from pooling at the chimney.

Additionally, there's a valley that needs to be replaced and a couple broken slates on the garage, where the walk from the house meets it, but this is not an immediate issue, and is at a height that I feel comfortable with addressing myself.