Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dealing with mortar ceilings? Help!

Garage interior

The ceilings in both our basement and garage are similar. They appear to have been finished with some sort of textured mortar. The basement ceiling has been painted, while the garage has not. The basement ceiling is built on metal lath. I'm not sure whether or not there's anything else between the lath and the joists.

While the texture in the basement ceiling remains reasonably even, the ceiling in the garage is showing cracks in a staggered pattern, not completely unlike the walls in the living room. I can't imagine that the garage ceiling wold have been built on fiberboard like the living room was, as the garage is detached and humidity would has been a significant problem. However, the space did have radiators in it originally (and still does, but they're not connected) so I don't think we can completely discard this theory. Perhaps the pattern on the garage ceiling is the edges of the sheets of metal lath?


I bring all of this up because I'm starting to think about projects that involve me dealing with the ceilings. I hope to finish the basement someday, which, in the most fancy version of things will involve tearing out the ceiling so that I can install recessed lighting. As for the garage, I'm considering the possibilities of hanging some of the kids toys I know will come to fill the space.

Have you dealt with such a ceiling? Any thoughts you might want to share?


Karen Anne said...

I can't really see the ceiling well in the flicker photos, maybe I am not looking at the right photos?

I also have a bad ("weird") ceiling to deal with, no solutions yet.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

They were the best photos I had. I'll have to work on some better ones.

Anonymous said...

I have this type of ceiling in my garage that i am going to remove. On safe side, have it checked for any asbestos before removing.