Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden and Yard

digging out the pond

I'm making decent progress on the pond. The question remains, as usual, what to do with all the dirt. I've boxed up some of it, but now I'm out of reasonably sized boxes. Amost done, though.

The photographs are all by Audrey.

interesting new flower appearing in the gardens bridal wreath


I can't believe how many beautiful flowers we have in the yard. Wow.

Lily of the Valley

cuttings in the air lock


Chris said...

I'm helping my father-in-law put in a 12 inch modular block wall in their front planting bed soon. We'll probably need some soil to fill in the space behind the wall. I'm thinking in the next week or two we'll be doing this.

Why S? said...

I LOVE those blue flowers. Such a calming color. Can't help you out with the dirt situation. Good luck with that.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...


I'm not sure how soon they'll be tearing out the garage floor. It's soonish, I know. Whenever that happens, they'll be loading the boxes of dirt up with the rest of the debris.

Could I persuade you to stop by sometime tomorrow to pick it up?

Chris said...

I'm free tomorrow. How many 5 gallon buckets worth do you think you have? So I can know how many tubs/buckets to bring.

A. said...

Chris, Christopher won't be home until after midnight most likely so he won't have seen your message - but you could just take all of the boxes and bring some 5 gallon buckets for the dirt that is currently filling the wheelbarrow.