Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Spring!

Our House

So it's spring. Summer, really. Too hot to think. I've been taking out the storm windows and installing the screens. I've found that there's a lot more noise from the street than I'd previously realized.

I met one of the two neighbors who shares our back property line today. It seems that she's been living in her house about as long as the previous owner of our house. (It seems like everyone in this neighborhood has been living here forever. Really.) Further, I learned that she's been reading my blog. Guess this means that I'll have to keep it updated so I don't look like such a slacker.

I've found that many of the windows lack screens. The screens that were covering the window wells, which I had assumed were old, were not. Doh! I've purchased a hundred foot roll of window screen, and I'll be getting to the windows slowly, as I'm able.

Our house

Our garden is doing very well. I can't believe how many flowers and things are sprouting up. We've got about a gajillion ferns.

So far, we've planted herbs, grape vines, and a couple of other fruit vines.

Soon to be the turtle patch

I've also been working on an enclosure for our turtle habitat. The framework is done and installed - I just have to put on the top. It's about as big as the area enclosed by the boards and the stepping stones here. I should complete it tomorrow.


Jason said...

Your turtle patch? Almost as big as our entire back yard. And we don't even have an awesome outdoor fireplace. Stupid little, old lots. I wish we lived in Detroit so I could buy my neighbors' foreclosed houses for $200, tear them down, and make the entire block my yard.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

You could go for a vacation home in Detroit.