Monday, April 27, 2009

Current projects

The once and future pond

I'm in the process of digging out the space next to the garage that used to be a pond. This was a project I planned to address in the distant future, but our plumber quoted us such a reasonable price to get the fountain and hose fixed that I went for it. I'm still not sure how the pond drains or circulates, but I'll tackle that when I come to it. It's 16 inches deep. The soil will be making its way into various raised beds and other parts of the yard.

I'm waiting to get a quote on having a couple of the trees in our yard removed. They're dead. I'd assumed they'd been dead for quite a while, but it seems that the two on our back property line have only been dead a year or so. The utility company wanted to remove the entire tree, but the previous owner said no. As a result of the work they did on the tree, it died. I hope that I can convince them to remove it, as it might fall on their lines. If not, I'll get an estimate or two.

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