Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buffalo ReUse

One day, a while, back, I stumbled upon Buffalo ReUse's account on Flickr. Buffal ReUse is a non-profit in Buffalo, New York that specializes in green demolition and salvage. They appear to have a very extensive inventory at very reasonable prices. This piqued my interest because there simply isn't anything like that in Cleveland. Given their prices and selection, it almost seems worth the drive.

The following are but some of the items that have caught my attention.

Vintage garage doors!

Old marble - perhaps for the basement bathroom.

And this lovely little sink, with brass faucets, but 14.5" square, and for a mere $125

A massive selection of spindles, at $3-8 each.

Interesting tile at $1 each.

Where else would you find window frames like this?

Salvaged dimensional lumber

Even hand-hewn beams!

So many bathroom ceramic bits.

Two pedestal sinks with great faucets.

Lots of misc. hardware.

Many decent sinks. See the purple one in the corner?

Wouldn't this sink be perfect for the paint room?

Prices? You wanted prices? Doors: $10-200, most $40. Tin ceiling: $2/sqf. Ceramic tile - about $1/sqf. Lumber: 2x4s .20/lf, 2x6 .30/lf.

Many salvaged windows.

Antique icebox. Alas, it is sold.

A perfect combination of sink and hardware.


Apron, or pedestal bath tubs. When I called to enquire about them, I was told that decent ones could be had for about $200.


Jayne said...

WOW!! I wish we had something like that in the Kansas City area. There are some architectural salvage places there, but the prices are not nearly so good as these.

Anna said...

Awesome! I think I'd buy half the place... ;-)

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

So would I, I think, if a certain someone didn't keep me from spending on junk that we don't need.