Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seeking feet for Ikea Mammut bed

Before we moved to Cleveland, we purchased an Ikea Mammut bed, to go in the nursery. It's cute, bright blue - very Ikea. It remained in the box, in storage, until finally we bought the house. Only then did we learn that only two of the four feet required were present. I called up Ikea, I whined, I begged, and the net result is that they don't sell parts, and don't allow returns for products purchased more than 90 days ago.

Do you have two feet for such a bed? The blue color would be preferable, but I think that I could paint the pink ones to match. I'll pay a reasonable sum for them.

Otherwise, my son will just have to have a wobbly bed. When he complains, I'll tell him that that is why we don't shop at Ikea anymore.


Karen Anne said...

It's a bit hard to tell from the picture I found on the web, but these are just odd shaped feet, right? Can you:

(1) Take one of the feet to a cabinet maker and have him or her make two more? Norm on The Old House has all sorts of tools for making weird stuff, so I imagine any cabinetmaker would.

(2) If the shape is really hard to duplicate, make something of the right height and a simpler shape and either use those for the less visible feet or pretend they're supposed to be that way. Nobody said the feet all had to be the same shape.

NP said...

Go back to IKEA and say that you know that they don't typically accept returns over 90 days, but that you want a gift card instead of reimbursement. We did an IKEA kitchen in our last house and took over 6 months before we finally installed it and realized we had almost $1K of extra/mis-ordered parts. We went back, they gave us the "no returns over 90 days spiel", and after arguing for a while, they gave us a gift card with the return value on it. I would push on this.

A couple other alternatives... (1) go on They have forums with all sorts of advice on how to fix stuff, find missing parts, etc... (2) Call around to any other IKEA stores that are within reach of you, and ask if they have a display model of that bed that will be headed to the as-is dept soon, or ask if they already have one in the as-is. You might be able to pick up replacement legs that way. Good luck.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

NP - I drove to the closest Ikea, which is 130 miles away, and told them my story. The person I talked to said that there was nothing that they could do. I then insisted on talking to that person's manager. The first person did check to see if they had the parts in back - they did not. The manager told me that they couldn't do anything about it, and that my only option was to return the bed to the Ikea store where I purchased it. When I explained that the store where I purchased it was a 600 mile round trip from my house, she said that I should call them and have them send me the part. I explained to her that I had just driven 130 miles to try to get the parts I needed, but this didn't seem to matter to her.

I said that I was willing to pay a reasonable price for the parts, but, as noted above, the parts simply are not available. I then asked what I was supposed to do with the bed - she didn't have an answer.

So I called Ikea College Park, who seemed somewhat more sympathetic. They said that while they did not have the parts in stock, they would keep my address on file if the parts should become available. That was several months ago.

I understand that a store has to set some limit on the time that one can return things, even if they are defective, but the lack of available spare parts, especially for a business like Ikea, where it seems that a good many things are either missing parts or have defective parts is utter bs. How hard would it be to set up a warehouse in some central location where furniture could be broken up for parts?

It all leaves a really bad taste in my mouth, and this is why I'm never shopping at Ikea again.

I'll try ikeafans - thank you.

AngelMyLove said...

I have blue Ikea Mammut toddler bed feet for you. I also have a pink bed, but lost the feet. Today I was just thinking of either replacing blue ones or removing them to match my daughter's bed. This thread is so old. Not sure if you still need them.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Have I assembled the bed yet? No. Have I gone through more trouble than I would like to obtain the feet? Yes.

Thank you very much, though, for the offer. If only I'd been patient.

AngelMyLove said...

You are so welcome. Let me know if you need them. I may end up removing mine. I am pretty sure I'll never get the set of pink ones either :) Angel

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