Friday, December 19, 2008

That's not Wright!

I was looking for photographs of other Tudor Revival houses on Flickr when I came across this photograph of Frank Lloyd Wright's Nathan Moore House (built 1895, rebuilt 1923). The Nathan Moore House, in Oak Park, Illinois, is one of the most important Tudor Revival houses in America. Look again at those garage doors. I can't believe it either. Given that that house, today, would probably cost at least a million dollars, there has to be someone who could have retrofitted a mechanism for opening them automatically within the budget of the current owners. Of course, if it wasn't in their budget, would it really have been so hard for them to get out of their cars to open the doors?

Just thought I'd point this gem out, lest you think that such injustices only happen to pedestrian, run of the mill houses.


Jayne said...

Yikes! That garage door is awful. Really awful.

artemis said...

Yeah---this kind of thing makes me mad. We have a pretty identical crappy garage door (except no windows) on our 1915 Arts & Crafts bungalow, and we *know* that as recently as a month before they listed our house, it had its original (beautiful) garage doors. Apparently the owner was advised that an automatic garage door was "better" for resale, and that was the cheapest one. *sigh* (And of course, ours is just a dinky no-name bungalow....but on that house?!? I can't imagine what they were thinking!)