Monday, December 1, 2008

I need stove help!

As as been previously discussed, our 1950 Crown stove is pretty much DOA. I've been looking for another stove to fit in between the existing cabinets. The current stove is 40 inches wide, so we need a replacement that is the same size.

I'm looking for a stove that meets the following criteria:
1. 40 inches wide
2. natural gas
3. doesn't have a huge "dashboard"
4. is currently operational

I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance, but even going as far away as Chicago or Baltimore, I'm having trouble finding anything. I've considered buying a new stove, but they are simply too expensive - the lowest price I've seen is around $1600.

Then I had a brilliant (or stupid) idea: why not buy 2 20 inch wide apartment stoves? They're available new, so I wouldn't have the hassle involved with an old stove, and wouldn't have to drive a gajillion miles to get it. I could have two ovens and all the joys of eight burners, for perhaps 1/2 to 2/3 of a 40" stove. I might even be able to find a pair used, locally.

Is there any reason why this shouldn't work? I assume that it can't be that difficult to install a wye to split the gas line...


Jason said...

I feel like it would be easier to move the cabinets to accommodate a normal-width stove. I'm looking back at the picture from your first post about it - any reason you can't unscrew the back of that small cabinet to the right and move it over 4-6" to the left? It looks like the area to its right is empty anyway and there seems to be a pass-through window or something above. The only issue I can think of is the floor below being unfinished, but when I'm comparing ugly things in my head, unfinished floor looks better than side-by-side stoves.

artemis said...

Many of the vintage stoves came in 40", so it might be worth waiting for one if you can hold out....seems like it would look cleaner than two side-by-side. Our neighbors recently scored a newish 40" Viking for free if they'd go pick it up from a remodel site, so they're out there---just takes a lot of patience and waiting around.

Also, who diagnosed your current stove? I ask b/c our 1955 stove was initially diagnosed as not working by, of all people, the selling agent and his kitchen renovation crew....but then our gas company came out to light the pilots in various appliances, and the guy insisted the old stoves "can't" break, and just needed tweaking. Half an hour later, the oven and burners worked perfectly (before, one burner lit and nothing else worked at all). He was a cool old guy who'd worked for the gas company since those stoves were new. If the repair person didn't specialize in older stoves, you might try for a second opinion from someone who does.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I should clarify a bit here. Part of what is happening is that I'm frustrated because all we have to cook on right now are a single electric burner and a microwave. I had assumed that the stove would work when we moved in, and at the time, there seemed to be plenty of stoves available. Now it seems that I can't find anything - the closest stove I've found that will do the job is 350 miles away.

I would like to find a qualified service person. I was using the appliance service company recommended by my realtor, which I thought was a safe bet. $80 and ten minutes later, my wife was told that the burner assemblies and some major part in the oven would have to be replaced.

Additionally, the oven doors sometimes fall open, if they are not carefully closed all the way. They've hit me in the head once. I hate to think how much damage they could to to my son, once he starts walking.

It looks like we have a road trip ahead of us this weekend, if the stove I've found is still available.

artemis said...

Ah. Not having local repair folks makes it trickier. The oven problem may be a worn-out spring (at least, that causes the same symptoms on O&M stoves--there's no tension holding the door shut, so it just falls open)---a simple fix if you can find the part, but that's a very big IF. One thing to consider if the stove you're eyeing doesn't pan out is to get a free/cheap standard stove in the short term and just stick a shelf or something next to it. That will give you a working appliance, and then you can play with fixing the old one, watching Craigslist for a new one closer to home, etc. Good luck!

Oh, and on the CFL question, we had the same problem with a few of our fixtures (including at least one modern one) and did find a different brand that has a narrower base so it doesn't hit. I don't know the name off the top of my head (or if it's available nationally) but I'll see if it's on the bulbs when I have a moment. (We found it by just opening the different bulbs at the store and comparing them.)

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Artemis - that's great to hear. I can handle a spring. I'll probably shoot it across the room a couple times getting it installed, but I can handle it.