Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garage floor

central drain in garage

The garage floor is taking longer than expected. Either today or tomorrow the drain, shown here, will be replaced with one that isn't damaged.

inside the asbestos pipe in the garage

The building inspector also said that we have to run the wiring here, with the lovely exposed ground, through conduit. This means that we will be replacing the wiring from where it comes out of the panel in the garage all the way to the subpanel in the basement. This is another $1500 that we hadn't planned on. That price includes the wiring for 100 amp service and running additional conduit next to it for the future upgrade to 200 amp service.

Photographs, of course, by A.


NP said...

Why not run one conduit with wiring for 200AMP. Unless I'm confused, you should be able to run 100AMPs through 200AMP wiring. When you upgrade, no changes to wiring required. Wouldn't that be cheaper than running two conduits, and more wire later on?

Mr. Kluges said...

Yeah, and $1500 seems high. What are they doing exactly? How many feet of conduit are you looking at?

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

There's about 50 feet of wiring, mostly in conduit, from the breaker box at the service entrance to the sub-panel in the basement. This also included two grounding rods, asbestos removal, and getting the line underneath the (existing) concrete slab of the breezeway.