Monday, June 15, 2009


Ev and Chris at Gali's tree hunting

Yesterday, A, E, and I went out, looking for a weeping cherry tree to plant in the memory of my late grandfather.

I wanted one with pink flowers, until I found one with white flowers that had very small cherries on it. The pink-flowered trees cost at least 50% more than the white flowered weeping cherries, so the combination of the fruits, the price, and the quality of the foliage sold me on the white weeping cherry.

Ev and our chosen Weeping Cherry in the van

E seemed to appreciate it too.

multi-grafted fruit tree

Yesterday I also planted the multi-grafted fruit tree I purchased on eBay. It should produce two varieties of peaches, two of plums and a nectarine. The tree is planted on the location of our former tree, which was ground out earlier in the week. I hauled about 400 gallons of mulch from the stump grinding to the community garden site that I'm working on at work. Once the mulch was cleared, I was able to plant the tree.

I also ordered some blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries from an eBay seller - they offered seven of each plant for a total of $16, shipped. I'm starting to doubt that I'll ever get them. While they had excellent feedback, their account is no longer registered with eBay and they haven't responded to any of my emails. The plan was to take the one or two best plants of each berry and use them as replacements for the Home Depot berries, which haven't grown at all. The rest of the berries would go in the community garden.

Now both trees have been planted, close to the location of the two dead trees that have since been removed.

All photographs, of course, were taken by A.

I should mention that our garden is also doing very well. Four varieties of tomatoes, two of corn and beans, melons, squashes, and more. I've never had everything sprout so nicely. The only thing that doesn't seem to be doing well are the potatoes. I credit the garden doing so well to the fact that A planted everything.

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Karen Anne said...

I hope you paid with a credit card, so you can have the payment returned. Paypal also claims they do that, but you have to notify them in a fairly short period of time, or they are no help. A credit card gives you longer.

Also, if you file a dispute with ebay, they will give you the seller's phone number.