Monday, June 8, 2009

Multi-grafted fruit tree

I just purchased a multi-grafted fruit tree from the eBay seller mgmg9495. I chose them over a couple of other eBay vendors because they were the only one actually able to name all the varieties of fruits on the tree. I looked at the websites of some nurseries as well, but they lacked the variety I was looking for - most of them offered two or three varieties of a single fruit, and many of them didn't offer shipping.

This tree has, according to the seller, the following varieties:
Peach: Harvester; Contender
Nectarine: Red Gold
Plum: Red Bruce; AU Producer Purple

It was advertised that the tree will grow to 12-15 feet tall. It was further stated that it was suitable for zones 4b-8b - I'd like to believe that we're in 6A, but we're probably borderline between 6a and 5b.

The tree arrived in excellent condition with good roots. I had planned to plant it on the site of the old elm tree, but have since decided not to do that just yet. For now, it is planted in a very large pot, awaiting the removal of the stump of the old tree. Once the stump has been ground out, we will plant the tree in that spot.

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