Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last night, with all my paperwork in hand, I did my federal and state taxes. I spent a record amount ($130) and completed them in record time (3 hours). This morning, I got an email stating that my federal return had been accepted.

I had seriously underestimated the amount of money that we would be getting back this year. I'd never changed my withholding status from single at my old job, because the paperwork was too much fuss, and we had Everett this year, and moved, with all the expenses involved with that. Finally, we bought a house. While the money from the first-time homebuyer tax credit is technically a loan, it's an interest-free loan, so it's virtually free money.

My jaw dropped when I saw the total amount of our refund. A reacted in about the same manner. All sorts of possibilities started running through our minds. Namely, we'll be able to get all the necessary work done on the roof this year! And maybe even a working stove, too! Perhaps a new boiler could be added to the list! Or perhaps a tankless hot water heater! We're rich, rich I tell you!


casacaudill said...

Congratulations! We're getting a refund as well this year so we'll be going to Ireland after all. It's nice when the government gives you something back. :-)

Why S? said...

Congratulations. If we do get a Fed refund, I'm sure it will be eaten up by the State. Always is. But I'm afraid to look so I will wait until the last minute. Always do.