Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cheap Oriental rugs?

I've been searching several local Craigslists and some auction houses in the area for an Oriental rug for the dining room. Nothing too fancy, just something large (9x12 - 10x13ish) and in a reasonable color palette. In our price range, I was expecting something with plenty of wear. This didn't seem a real issue to me - I want this rug to use, not as an investment.

For some reason, I hadn't seriously looked at eBay. I checked it from time to time to see if there were any rugs nearby that looked good, but never found anything. I must have assumed that shipping would be very expensive. Imagine my surprise when I noticed a rug within my budget that met my criteria, was ending soon, and had the "free shipping" icon next to it. I assumed that the price would be bid up in the last couple minutes. I left the tab open and was surprised to see, later, that the price it reached was quite reasonable and still in budget.

Pleased with my discovery, I investigated further. I found many rugs that would do quite nicely in our dining room in the $150-300 range, shipped. Here are a few:
A 9x12 rug for $180
A 10x13 rug for $220
Another 10x13 rug for $160

As the price goes up, the designs become more appealing. I also observed that rugs that had been patched in one spot but were otherwise quite nice at quite low prices - sometimes less than $100. Perhaps they would not be right for the dining room, but for a room where part of the rug might be covered by a piece of furniture, these could be a good value.

Unfortunately, this purchase will have to wait for a while. Due to the recent damage to our roof, we're holding off on major purchases until we have a reasonable estimate or two.


dynochick (Jan) said...

I have purchased at least 5 rugs from eBay. One was even palace size. I was pleased with each one.

I was happiest with the older rugs. They are of a higher quality and the patterns are very interesting.

Just know that once you buy one you will never be able to purchase those nylon polyester rugs that they pass off as oriental.

Also the prices are so reasonable that paying to have them professionally cleaned doesn't break the bank.

Good luck finding the rugs of your dreams. I had the best luck late at night....Jan

Jason said...

When I pull up the carpet in the office, I've been planning to put down a worn-out, threadbare rug. I assumed finding one would be a challenge, but I'm pleased to see that I was wrong.

The muted orange and green one is fantastic. I'm much less a fan of oriental rugs in maroon than less traditional colors.

Nora said...

I got all rugs from and love them. They may have some different designs that you're looking for. Good luck!

I know there is/was an oriental rug place in Hudson (downtown) that always seemed to have sales, may want to look there to. If you want to pay more there is the Ohio Design Center in Chagrin Falls that has a store that sells there also - if they claim you need a interior designer to be working with I can talk to who I worked with and see if she can help ya guys out.

Laurel said...

Also take a look at Overstock. Essentially free shipping, lots of the carpets are discontinued Safavieh made -- if you don't need original/vintage it is a good alternative. I've bought a number of them. Safavieh has a "discontinued" page on their site so it is pretty easy to tell which carpets are theirs. Also its easy to return it the carpets do not work for you.