Monday, September 22, 2008

Or not

The seller countered our offer with one that is 98% of the present asking price - rather considerably outside our budget. This does not bode well. Our offer remains open for a couple weeks, so there's still a chance. I don't think there's a huge chance, with things as they are right now, that there will be a better offer, it's just a matter of whether they'll actually take the best offer when the bidding period ends.

We're still looking elsewhere, but not nearly so hard. The question in my mind is only as to whether I can convince my wife that we really want to take on the enormous project of doom.


NV said...

Good luck!

I always thought when I was younger I wanted to rehab an old Victorian. But age -- and all the experience with this Cape Cod bungalow has convinced me otherwise. :-)

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

A Victorian? That would be nice. But the work, oh the work - Victorians must be the most expensive style of American architecture to work on. (Or at least most time consuming.)

If we did get the rehabber, I'd hire a general contractor to do a bunch of the work before we moved in - replacing the missing plumbing, electrical work, and a fair amound of the structural work involved in joining the two halves.

I feel that I only want to put this insane amount of work into one house. At this point in time, I can actually afford a house that is big enough that I could live in for the rest of my life (the rehabber), so why not?