Saturday, August 22, 2009

The arch is falling! The arch is falling!

Maybe we've just been in denial all this time

Fallen arches

When we got back from our vacation, we saw this brick hanging down, which we knew wasn't good.

Fallen arches

Upon further observation, the crack seemed to extend to the wall of the garage.

Breezeway between house and garage (detail)

We were sure that this was mostly new, perhaps the result of the big wind storm a couple weeks back, until I looked at this photo, taken in September, when we were first looking at the house.

I think that the loose chunk of brick may have settled a little bit. However, I no longer feel that I can blame the replacement of the garage floor and the theoretical shifting of the walls on this. Nope. Just regular old settling and time.

Since I took these photographs, I've jacked the bricks back up into place, awating the inevitable repairs that will surely come.

In the second photograph, you can see where the section of damaged gutter has been removed so that a proper replacement may be fabricated. Note that the wood underneath the gutter was never painted, yet remains in excellent condition. This is why you want to save the original woodwork when possible - the old growth wood that they used is rock-solid, and can often last forever with minimal care.

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